Planning Timeline

Date Task
Aug. 13, 2021 Credo Team attended the Board of Regents retreat
Oct. 5-6, 2021 Credo Team facilitated the Strategic Plan Executive Team retreat
Nov. 18, 2021 Faculty and Staff attended Campus Community Day with Credo Team
Jan. 20 and Feb. 7, 2022 Strategic Planning Team training and Theme Teams were formed
Feb. 7-28, 2022 Theme Teams worked to prioritize initiatives in their respective areas
Mar. 1-31, 2022 Theme Teams vetted emerging ideas with members of the campus community
Apr. 13, 2022 Theme Teams reconvened with Credo consultants to refine emerging plans
May 20-21, 2022 Board of Regents approved Strategic Plan framework
July 2022 Cabinet onboards Initiative Owners
August 2022 Formal launch of Strategic Plan

Date subjects to change based extenuating circumstances.