How to Refer

Ways to Keep Your Referral Stress Free

1. Prepare to Reach Out

PrepareRemember, you are not alone in this.

Consult with CAPS or the CARE Team to explore concerns and identify appropriate campus resources. Make sure you feel safe and let someone else know that you are going to have a tough conversation with a student of concern. Put Campus Safety's number, (805) 493-3911, in your phone in case you need to call for help . 

2. Connect with the Student

ConnectPut your preparation plan into action.

Share your concern calmly and directly, and be prepared to listen. Avoid being argumentative or minimizing the student's distress. Focus on the concerning behavior, not blaming or shaming the student. Respect privacy without guaranteeing confidentiality. Explore the student's support system and emphasize the importance of professional help. 

3. Make the Referral

Make ReferralCommunicate confidence.

Recommend the appropriate service and discuss what they might expect from that resource. Normalize the experience of seeking support from others. Frame the decision to seek help as a wise one. Offer to be with the student when they call the referral or walk them to the referral source. Follow-up to see if they attended the appointment. 

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