Become a better decision maker.

Knowing how economic resources should be allocated, understanding the true concept of costs, learning the impact of positive and negative externalities, and the working of our political economy will enhance your political science, environmental science, sociology or mathematics major.

What you’ll study

You’ll take foundational courses in micro- and macro-economics, accounting, and statistics. From there, you’ll be free to explore the topics most relevant to your goals, including entrepreneurship, banking, and environmental economics.

Economics is a social science

Economics is a social science that enhances many other majors. Environmental economics uses economic models to evaluate policy created by environmental scientists. Political economics teaches political science majors’ critical tools to understand voter behavior. Behavioral economics relies heavily on psychology to understand consumer behavior. No matter your major, you’ll benefit from an economics minor to view problems from a different perspective.

My minor in economics has provided me with the knowledge to understand the financial system as a whole. The things that I am learning are things that can be applied to everyday life. As a result, I now comprehend what is happening in the economy more than ever before.

Jessica Schoew '18

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