Office of Student Accounts

Billing and Payment Options

We help students pay for courses, room, and board by providing:

  • An account for each student to track all charges and payments made to Cal Lutheran.
  • Flexible payment options with payment plans to help students reach financial clearance.
  • Individual advising to support students in choosing suitable options for their account.

Students at Cal Lutheran are required to pay their bill
prior to the start of each semester that they enroll in courses. Interest is assessed for unpaid balance on the first day of each month, and a $0 balance is required in order to enroll in future courses.

For details, view our policies

How to Pay Your Bill

Follow these simple steps to pay your bill prior to the start of each semester.

Students being advised

STEP 1: View Your Bill

Learn how to view your bill ahead of the upcoming semester so that you understand the charges on your account.
Información sobre la pre factura

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STEP 2: Gain Financial Clearance

Traditional undergraduate students need to gain financial clearance by the deadline to avoid penalty. Other students: skip this step.

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STEP 3: Choose a Payment Option

Pay your bill through one of three options, including a monthly payment plan with automatic e-check withdrawals (no interest).

Additional Information

Tuition Insurance

Consider the Tuition Refund Plan (TRP), which offers supplemental insurance to the University refund policy for qualifying withdrawals.

Employer Funding

Information for students who receive tuition reimbursement from their employer, including how to apply to the program.


Review our Tuition Withdrawal Policy and other policies regarding your student account responsibilities.


Can't find what you're looking for? Check our frequently asked questions for the finer aspects of managing your student account.