Billing and Payment Options


Registered students will receive a pre-bill statement prior to the start of each academic term. The pre-bill statement shows the projected costs for the term. Students can view their online pre-bills through Self-Service by logging into MyCLU and clicking on Students to see the Pre-Bill option.

Parents who would like to view the online pre-bill statement should first request access from their student, who must grant parent access by setting up an authorize user account through CLUpay.

Payment Responsibilities

Payment of tuition and all other fees becomes an obligation of the student at the time of registration. Prior to the start of the semester or term, students must have their accounts paid in full (with the exception of pending financial aid), or have a current monthly payment contract. According to University policy, no student may begin a new semester or term with a balance owing from previous semester or term attended. 

Employer Tuition Reimbursement

Students who participate in the Employer Tuition Reimbursement program are responsible for adhering to the following policies:

  • In the instance that the student's employer fails to provide 100% reimbursement, the student is responsible for paying the difference prior to their first class meeting.
  • If full payment has not been received within six (6) weeks after the last day of the term, interest charges will accrue monthly on the entire unpaid balance, including charges for a current term (see current Interest and Fees).
  • The student is not eligible to defer tuition if they have a past due balance. A hold will be placed on the student account to prevent future registrations until the balance has been paid in full. 
  • If a student's employer reimbursement plan has a maximum annual limit, California Lutheran University will cancel the student's deferral once this limit is reached. The student will be responsible for payment of all tuition charges exceeding the policy limit prior to their first class meeting.
  • A $50 late transaction fee is assessed for student applications and/or employer plans that are received by the Student Accounts office after the second week of the term.

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Interest and Fees

Traditional undergraduates must make payments according to the California Lutheran University financial clearance policy to avoid interest and other fees. Graduate students and students in the Professionals program must submit payment in full  by the first day of class to avoid interest and fees. California Lutheran University charges interest on any remaining balances for all past due student accounts at the rate of 0.83%. Interest is assessed on the first of each month. If any financial assistance is missing on your account, please contact Financial Aid.

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Returned Payments or Checks

A $35 fee is charged for returned check, ACH, and wire transfer payments. The fees apply to any returned payment made in person or made online through any of our service providers. Additional fees from those service providers may apply.

California Lutheran University reserves the right to withdraw students from the monthly payment plans due to two or more returned payments. Withdrawal from non-completed payment plan will result in interest charges of 0.83% assessed each month on unpaid balances, courses and housing may be canceled and a hold will placed on students accounts.

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Authorization to Release Information (FERPA)

In order to provide financial information to anyone other than the student, California Lutheran University must have a completed release form on file. The purpose of this form is to allow us to provide parents and other designated parties information regarding student's account status.

Learn more about Authorization to Release Information (FERPA)

Tuition Withdrawal

Tuition Refund Schedule

If, for whatever reason a student drops, withdraw or changes their enrollment status (full-time to part-time) from California Lutheran University, they may be eligible for a prorated refund of their tuition, room, and board charges according to the appropriate schedule below.

The date of drop or withdrawal for purposes of tuition credit shall be the date on which the class was officially dropped by the registrar in Academic Services. Students who drop units or withdraw from the University are financially responsible for a reduced portion or possibly all of their tuition, room and board charges according to the Tuition Refund Schedule for their program. Financial drop or withdrawal dates used by the Student Accounts office for reduction of charges may not be the same as the academic withdrawal and drops dates used by the registrar in Academic Services. Students who receive federal financial aid are subject to a pro-rated return of federal funds if they withdraw through the 80% period of each semester.  

The calculation of the return of financial aid funds may result in the student owing a balance to the University and/or the federal government. If funds have already been released to a student because of a credit balance on the student’s account, then the student may be required to repay some of these funds.

15-Week Undergraduate Program
Drop or Withdrawal of UnitsWithin Refund % Responsible
1st and 2nd weeks of semester 80% 20%
3rd and 4th weeks of semester 40% 60%
5th week 20% 80%
6th week and later 0% 100%
8-Week Programs, Undergraduate Summer Sessions, and Weekend-Only Courses
Drop or Withdrawal of Units Within Refund % Responsible
1st week of the term 100% 0%
2nd week or later 0% 100%
15-Week Graduate Programs
Drop or Withdrawal of UnitsWithin Refund % Responsible
1st and 2nd weeks of the semester 100% 0%
3rd and 4th weeks 40% 60%
5th week 20% 80%
6th week or later 0% 100%
11-Week Programs
Drop or Withdrawal of UnitsWithin Refund % Responsible
The first eight days of the term 100%


Nine days or later 0% 100%

Tuition Insurance

California Lutheran University offers the opportunity to enroll in a tuition refund insurance program in partnership with Allianz (GradGuard). This program complements and enhances our published tuition refund policy and includes $15,000 coverage for the academic year if you are forced to withdraw from school for a covered medical or mental health reason.

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Tuition Overload

Full-time undergraduates may take 12 to 18 units each semester for the full-time tuition flat rate. Additional units over 18 will be billed on a per credit overload basis.

California Lutheran University will provide one unit of overload tuition refund per semester, per student for the Group A courses listed below (all private and group fees still apply). In addition, California Lutheran University will provide an overload tuition refund for students registered in any of the Group B courses listed below. Tuition overload refunds will not be granted for any other coursework.

  • A student has 18 units of coursework and a 2-unit Private Violin class for a total of 20 units. The student will receive one unit of tuition overload refund because they are enrolled in a class on the Group A list and will only be charge one unit of tuition overload.
  • A student has 18 units of coursework and a 1-unit Private Violin lesson and 1-unit of Jazz Ensemble for a total of 20 units. The student will receive two units of tuition overload refund, one for a qualifying course in Group A and one in Group B.


Adding/Dropping a Class

California Lutheran University does not automatically drop students from a class if they register but do not attend.

If you are enrolled in a monthly payment plan you should also not assume that your balance will automatically be adjusted if you add or drop a class. You should review your account balance monthly to verify adjustments and contact Student Accounts with questions or changes.

Past Due Accounts

After the completion of a term all accounts with an outstanding balance are placed on a collections hold.  A collection hold means the student is unable to  continue enrollment or order a diploma unless the account is paid in full. Student Accounts will review all accounts and send out notices to the student via collection letters, phone calls or emails. The full amount due is required in order to remove a collection hold. Any student owing a balance and not currently registered  is subject to being placed into a collection agency. A  $350 extended billing fee is assessed.  Please contact  Student Accounts at for any further questions pertaining to past due balances.


 Do you have questions about these policies? Email us at or call 805-493-3180 to speak to a Student Accounts team member who can help you manage your student account.