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Victoria Lahney '18 & Joshua Cadena '18

Featured photo for Victoria Lahney On move in day of my first day of freshman year, my family was helping me move in but they had to leave to check into a hotel nearby. I still needed help moving my furniture so my dad told me to and I quote, "flirt with the first boy you see and ask him to move your dresser." I did just as my dad said and next thing I knew, Josh was stuck moving my furniture for the next 4 years of CLU dorming. We always joke that my dad said to just flirt with someone and not fall in love, but I owe it all to my dad because it was his advice that connected us. In May of 2018, both of our families cheered us on as we walked across the graduation stage together. Now, he is making magic happen at Disneyland and I am finishing the credential program at CLU to become a teacher. We are stronger than ever and can't wait for our adventure to continue.

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