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Lacie Goff '13 & Thord Setsaas '12

Featured photo for Lacie Goff It was a girls night in 2009 and we were sitting on a blanket eating pizza in Kingsmen Park. My friend saw someone standing by himself and called him over to join us. I was slightly irritated by the fact that this guy was ruining girls night, and thought to myself how weird his name was. Thord...what kind of a name is that? We started dating the next year, and here we are almost 9 years later. Thord graduated from CLU in 2012 and needed to move back to Norway. The year of long distance was tough but we made it, and when I graduated CLU in 2013 I thought to myself, well why don’t I just move to Norway? I took the plunge and have now lived here for soon 6 years and I could not be happier. I love our life together and am so thankful that my friend called over the guy with the weird name that one night in Kingsmen Park. This past September we got engaged, and we’ll have our wedding in the summer of 2020 - 10 years after we started dating. I’m so greatful for that night at CLU, and my CLU Sweetheart.

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