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Bobby Jean Lee '11 & Matthew Lee '10

Featured photo for Bobby Jean Lee Matt and I's story is a story of firsts. We met multiple "first" times during the semester he transferred into CLU. Our "first" date, depending on who you ask, was to CLU's outing to Disneyland. Matt organized it for a group of our friends and then slowly asked each of them not to join us (without telling me) so we could be alone. We continued to date throughout our time at CLU with many other firsts. Matt was the first boyfriend I ever had that I let drive my car (that he later crashed); we were both each others' first significant other who's personality and demeanor was completely opposite of our own (But we ended up complementing each other in every way); and we were each others' first loves. Since leaving CLU we have continued to love and support each other through many other firsts in our lives such as: getting married, having fur babies, losing family members, relocating for careers, exploring the world, buying our first home, etc. We have many fond memories of our beginnings at CLU and we are looking forward to many more firsts to come over the next 50+ years!

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