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Sweetheart Stories

Sue Dwyer-Voss '86 & Ron Dwyer-Voss '87

Featured photo for Sue Dwyer-Voss We were both Sociology majors, but first got to know each other in Byron Swanson’s Peace and Justice class. Ron was the youth director at Holy Trinity and needed a female chaperone to go with him and a group of high schoolers to Mexico for a spring break mission trip. Since I was female, 21 (able to drive the kids) and had been in this particular trip before, he asked me to go. We spent a week camping in tents in the dirt without a shower and with 15 high schoolers. We had lots of time to talk and got to know each other well. After this trip we were back on campus and one night we were up late entering data for a Sociology class and walked through Buth Park on our way to our dorms. We stopped at the swing set, he pushed me on the swing and afterward we shared our first kiss. A little over a year later we were married at Holy Trinity with many of our CalLu professors and friends sharing the day with us. It’s been 31 years and we still share our love for each other and our love for CalLu.

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