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Dottie Roman '77 & Steve Sterling '77

Featured photo for Dottie  Roman When I arrived at Cal Lu my freshman year I ran into a HS friend Eldon Walker in the cafeteria. He was eating lunch with his roommates Joe Ochoa and Steve Sterling. Joe invited me to come hang out. I started hanging with Joe. After 3 weeks I found out Joe was my 3rd cousin! I kept going over to visit him in Mt. Clef but the only one in the dorm room was Steve. We became good friends until October 13, 1974 we started dating. Our first date was the movie Duck Soup shown in the old basketball gym. Steve asked me to marry him on December 12, 1974. After 3 years engaged we married July 2, 1977. All our CLU roommates were in our wedding! We have been married 41 years. The crazy part to this story is that when Joe and Eldon were placed in their dorm they recognized each other! They were childhood friends until 3rd grade when Joe’s family moved to Okinawa. Now they are roommates! Joe’s my cousin and now Steve is my husband. My 4 roommates and I still go on a girlfriend weekend for 42years now. CLU is awesome!

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