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Sweetheart Stories

Marty Rouse '78 & Jane (Vatcher) Rouse '80

Featured photo for Marty Rouse It was Fall of 1976. I was a junior. Mark Vanlandingham and I were sitting toward the back of the cafeteria having dinner when I looked up and saw this cute blonde freshman walking down the stairs from the entrance. I was immediately transfixed. Mark looked over and saw her as well. He said that girl is totally "your type." He made a prediction right then by writing on a napkin that I was going to marry that girl someday. From then on I looked for opportunities to get to know her. I thought joining her Bible Study might be a good "in," but she soon caught on and it was clear she had assigned friends to intercept me as I entered the room. I decided to take less obvious tactics such as running into her on her way to dinner or class. We soon were friends and when she accepted my offer of a Beach Boys concert, I was elated. We now have been married 38 years, have three wonderful children, two who have attended Cal-Lu, and one of them also met his wife at Cal-Lu. This has been a wild ride and it all started at Cal-Lu.

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