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Nadia Miller '13 & Joshua Miller '13

Featured photo for Nadia Miller My husband and I met our Junior year at CLU in Dr. Long's Vertebrate Physiology class. Years after becoming friends, I admitted to him that I had seen him the semester before, walking in front of the science building. I distinctly remember seeing his very blonde hair and thinking "wow that's blonde hair." The minute he walked into Dr. Long's class, I thought "oh hey, it's that guy." Come to find, he wouldn't just be "that guy." He'd be "my guy." We became friends who enjoyed numerous CLU activities together. We did the Color Run together, enjoyed an art show in support of a friend, and went on a couple Adventure Skills inspired hikes at Wildwood. Both of us remained focused on school and getting to graduation day before realizing what our friendship meant. We were both transfers with other options. It's now very clear why we ended up at CLU. Our engagement photo attached was taken at CLU. We have been happily married for 4 months now.

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