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Christina Helm 2014, MBA '16 & Wesley Tierney Undergrad '14

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Wes and I met during New Student Orientation in 2010 as we were in the same freshmen peer group and did many of the NSO activities together (we especially loved Play Fair). One of those days, we had to go to our faculty advisor’s house for a BBQ, and Wes loves to tell everyone how I just jumped in his car to carpool there and later that day put my number in his phone (he put his number in my phone too). Three days after meeting, we were together as a couple – before classes even started! We did have a few classes together that semester and throughout those years. We also have many wonderful memories at CLU, including when we first said I love you to each other on the bridge in Kingsmen Park. After being together for over 8 years, we got married just a couple of weeks ago on January 12, 2019. Many attendees were also CLU alums! Including Pastor Melissa who officiated. It was such a beautiful day and we can’t wait to start this part of our journey together. We are glad that we started our journey and met many of our lifelong friends there.

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