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Sweetheart Stories

Karissa Oien '07 & Jon Oien '06

Featured photo for Karissa Oien We met our sophomore year of college, as we were next door neighbors in West Hall. We became great friends and I even convinced him to attend his first dance and go to the Spring Formal (even though we were not dating)! He went all out, including wearing a Zoot Suit! We had a ton of fun that year, but were only friends and I thought nothing more. My Junior Year, I was off to study abroad and had a going away party. After that party, my Mom informed me, Jon was in love with me. I scoffed saying, we were just friends. I went away for a year which turned into two, but we kept in touch despite distance. I finally returned, to find everyone had graduated. Jon, immediately reached out inviting me to hang with him and his friends. We went out and over the next couple months I realized he was more than a friend. After years of being in the "friend zone", he didn't believe me when I told him I liked him, and just left! Luckily, he realized what I said, asked me out on a proper date, and we were engaged 10 months later!

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