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Madison Fuller '16 & Blake Stevens '16

Featured photo for Madison Fuller We met in Spanish 2 class, fall semester. The first time he introduced himself to me, I was so nervous, I couldn’t speak and when he said, “I’m Blake by the way” I looked at him blankly and turned around and walked out of the class room. I was so upset with myself that he was so cute and I didn’t say anything. The next class I made sure to act like I wasn’t a total weirdo. We were really into each other and he was such a gentleman I couldn’t believe I had gotten so lucky. We would draw pictures in our text book to each other and write notes back and forth; he still has his text book as reminder of our beginning. We were officially a couple on October 10th, 2014 and I told him I loved him on the 20th and we plan to spend forever together.

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