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Sweetheart Stories

Bryan Spafford '65 & Roxanne Spafford '68

Featured photo for Bryan Spafford The Forgotten First Date My senior year I spied a cute freshman named Roxanne at the CLC library. Shortly after I asked her to attend an away CLC football game in Pomona. She had already made plans to go home for the weekend but we agreed I would pick her up at her parents house on my way to Pomona and we would go together. Saturday came. My roommates invited me to ride with them to the game. I jumped in my roommate's car and off we went. At the game, where it snowed that day, I unfortunately sat in front of Roxanne's roommates. "Where's Roxanne?" My heart stopped. I had forgotten her and our date. No way out of this one! No cell phones back then either. Back at school Sunday morning as I walked up the stairs of the cafeteria, she was walking down. I stammered a sorry and can we talk later. The outcome? A new date to Hollywood with dinner and a movie - no expense spared! Now 52 years later we still laugh about that forgotten date. Bryan and Roxanne Spafford

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