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Diane Kiefer '99 & Andrew Kiefer '98

Featured photo for Diane Kiefer It was September, 1997 and it was the first day of classes for my Junior year and Andrew's Senior year. We were both Departmental Assistants in the School of Business and were introduced to each other. Within the coming weeks, I needed help with Finance homework, so I would visit Andrew during his hours in the School of Business and he would help me. We had Tax class together and would see each other around the School of Business and we were always friendly. In October, Andrew asked if I wanted to go out sometime and we agreed on the following Monday evening, after the Accounting Association meeting. We had our first date on October 13, 1997 (El Torito on Moorpark Road, which is no longer there) and dated exclusively from that point forward. Our second date was the Homecoming carnival along Memorial Parkway and our third date was the Homecoming dance in the outdoor pavilion off the SUB. We went on many more dates throughout my remaining 2 years at CLU and Andrew proposed in September, 2000. We were married in Solvang on August 25, 2001. We currently reside in Camarillo with our 2 sons.

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