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Jenifer Salzwedel '90 & Dave Salzwedel '90

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Dave and I met before school started, our Freshman year, when we arrived for training camp – he was on the soccer team, and I was on the volleyball team. Our teams were close, cheering each other on in the stands. We remained good friends until our Junior year when we decided our friendship was a great foundation to start our relationship on – to this day, we are best friends. The foundation of our love at CLU led to getting married in Samuelson Chapel in 1995, and then baptizing our twin girls there in 1999. And since sports was such an important part of our relationship, we took a wedding party picture out on the CLU soccer field. Our life’s journey has had highs – Dave playing professional soccer and being a cancer survivor – and lows – Dave battling brain cancer twice. But through it all, it’s the foundation of friendship and love that all started at CLU that has carried us through the joys and challenges…the best part being we’re in it together! Now, we love watching our daughter, Morgan, a Sophomore this year at CLU, as she kicks for the Kingsmen football team. Pure joy!

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