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Katie Achen '13 & Matt Achen '13

Featured photo for Katie Achen Matt and I met the summer after our Freshman year at CLU, in 2010. We were both working as counselors at Mt. Cross Ministries that summer and were paired into the same training group. When we met, I asked where he went to school. He said he had just finished his first year at CLU. I was so surprised as I told him so did I! He asked what dorm I lived in and I told him Thompson. Turns out, so did he! We had lived in the same dorm the entire year before in opposite corners and had never met. We decided it was meant to be from that summer on. We fell in love, went back to CLU that Fall, and have been by each other’s sides ever since. We got married on November 5, 2016 and just recently bought our first home in Cotati, CA. We can’t thank CLU enough for bringing us together, it was truly meant to be.

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