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Sweetheart Stories

Brina Trygg '13 & Spencer Trygg '12

Featured photo for Brina  Trygg I was a transfer student, and he was on the baseball team; this is how our story began. Spencer missed a math test due to a baseball game, and I had just scored a new job proctoring tests. It only took three seconds for us to lock eyes and wonder who the other person was. CLU is a small school, and Spencer had thought he had met every girl who went there. It intrigued him that I was new and he was eager to get me to go to Taco Tuesday with him and his friends. (This used to be a weekly occurrence back in the day). One thing led to another and we hit it off. Since that day we were attached to one another and are now married and raising our child who is a French bulldog named Charlie. If I had never transferred, and he didn’t play baseball, we would have never met! Even though CLU is a small school, we still managed to find our soul mates there and we are eternally grateful.

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