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Sweetheart Stories

Emma Rumpf-Snavely '19 & Cesar Ramon '19

Featured photo for Emma Rumpf-Snavely

Cesar and I met our freshman year. We both lived in Thompson hall. A friend that I met on the inCLUsive retreat asked me to go to improv one night with his group of friends, which is where I met Cesar. At this point, improv was on the grass field by the humanities building. I didn’t want to sit on the grass so Cesar and I moved a bench over so we can sit and watch the performance. We became best friends after that through late nights of me studying for my Spanish class and him painting in the art room. After 2 more years of building our friendship, we developed mutual feelings for each other. Our first “date” was a trip to Knotts Berry Farm that we got tickets from the student life get-a-way Series. We rode to the top of the sky cabin to watch the sunset. It was so romantic, until the ride got stuck! We both were so scared and thankful to get off that ride. We still joke about how we “almost died together” on our first date. We have been together ever since! So grateful to CLU for bringing us together.

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