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Sweetheart Stories

Brooke Schuldheisz '95 & Ben Schuldheisz '95

Featured photo for Brooke Schuldheisz We met nearly 25 years ago on St Patrick’s day during our junior year. I went to the Yucatán Cantina with friends and saw Ben dancing. I had seen him around campus and thought he was cute. We danced all night and then when my friends were ready to go home I gave him a kiss on the cheek and headed home. The end to Ben’s night was much more interesting. He loves to tell the story about how they started to walk home that night and ended up rescuing a security guard who had locked himself into a car dealership. They made a deal that they would let the guard out if he promised to drive them home. It worked out well for all parties involved and Ben got to ride home in a fancy car. We started dating soon after St Patrick’s day and married 2 and a half years later. We now have 6 awesome kids and we still go out on St Patrick’s day every year.

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