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Sweetheart Stories

Inga Parkel '18 & Allie Rubinowitz '18

Featured photo for Inga Parkel

My first encounter with Allie happened my freshman year. I saw her sitting in Starbucks and remember staring too long and wanting so badly to talk to her, but being way too nervous. It wasn’t until our last year that we officially met because coincidentally her roommate was my good friend. We became best friends instantly—we joke that it was a 3-day friendship. From the beginning, feelings went beyond friendship, but due to other factors we couldn’t act on those. Until of course, a few weeks before graudation. Isn’t that how all great love stories start? At the most inconvenient of times. But the strongest relationships are those that beat the odds, and that’s what we’re doing: LA to Chicago. Because as the saying goes, “aint no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough…”

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