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Nicole Walker Sundby '08 & David Sundby '05

Featured photo for Nicole Walker Sundby Dave was a Senior and a TA in my first year HumTut class. Dave asked permission from Dr. Tierney to date a student in the class. As a philosophy instructor, Dr. Tierney logical deduced that since we were both students, he had no issues with us dating. Our first date was to TGI Friday’s in April 2005 and we spent the rest of the school year going to The Need, The Caf, Improv, school plays, and watching movies in New West. We dated over the summer, but then Dave left for a graduate program in Chicago. The next two years, we dated long distance and made it work one day at a time. Dave moved back to Southern California in 2007, we got engaged in 2008, and got married in 2009. We have two kids and live in Orange County and I am thankful every day that Dr. Tierney said yes!

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