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Haley Morris '07 & David Morris '07

Featured photo for Haley Morris December 2005... Haley was newly single and out with a friend on a Saturday night. They ran into some football guys and hung out with them. The next weekend, one boy in particular (David Morris) showed up in three different places. Haley and her friend joked that he was following her. On February 3, at Bethany Kirschner’s birthday party, Haley exchanged numbers (and a kiss!) with Dave. On March 10, 2006 they became boyfriend and girlfriend... and the rest is history! Haley and Dave finished their junior and senior year at CalLu together (Haley living and working as an RA in Grace and Dave off-campus) where Dave became “one of the girls” happily hanging out with Haley’s friends. (He would never admit this!) The two of them went to spring formals, spent many nights at Borderline, and Haley cheered Dave on at the football games. They graduated from CalLu in 2007, both worked in Ventura for a couple of years, moved to San Diego in 2010, married in 2014 and welcomed their daughter, Allie, in 2016. Haley and Dave are very thankful Cal Lutheran brought them together!

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