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Sweetheart Stories

Nora Barber '96 & Andrew Barber '96

Featured photo for Nora Barber My first memory of seeing Andrew was fall semester of my junior year.I lived in East and Andrew lived in West. He would sit at the top of the stairs reading the paper and I would smile and say, "Hi" in passing.I studied in France spring semester. When I came back for the summer, I lived on campus (Thompson dorm). Andrew was also living there and working on campus with maintenance. Again, we casually said "Hello" in passing. Day 1 of Geology, I see Andrew. He sat behind me with the other CLU baseball players. One day he passed me the sweetest note (I still have it to this day). In the following weeks, he moved seats. So, I decided to come to class early one day and sit in a chair by him so that when he arrived to class he would sit right next to me. It all started here, at Cal Lu. Four years after we met, we were married at Samuelson Chapel. Ten years after we met, we had our first child. 20 years after we met, we moved back to Thousand Oaks. This year, 24 years after we met, we celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.

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