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Sweetheart Stories

Fernando Raigoza Jr. '12 & Antonella Raigoza '13

Featured photo for Fernando Raigoza Jr. It was an evening in the spring of 2010 when Antonella and I literally crossed paths for the first time. She may remember it differently, but in my mind it was THE perfect movie moment. I wasn't living on campus at the time but had just said goodbye to a friend who lived in Grace Hall. His girlfriend and her friends were about to pick him up for a night out. I was invited but politely declined. As I headed down the stairs that's when I saw her - that's when everything stopped. She was walking up with that same group of girls picking up my friend... of course she was. I smiled. She smiled. After the slow motion wore off, and she disappeared into the hall above, I couldn't get her out of my mind. Days later I wouldn't stop asking my friend about her until finally he set up a double date. We watched the first How To Train Your Dragon. She wasn't just beautiful, she was brilliant and funny... a genuinely good person. I think I knew long before I ever said it out loud that I was in love. Nine years later, here we are.

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