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Amanda Hutchinson '17 & Cole McGlynn '17

Featured photo for Amanda Hutchinson The first time we met was at Common Ground, first week of Spring Semester. Cole had just transferred, and I went up to him after worship, breaking out of my introvert bubble to cheerfully welcome the newcomer. Cole thought I had mistaken him for someone else, so he said nothing and walked away. It soon turned out we were both Theology majors, had many classes together, were both future pastors, worked as Religion departmental assistants, volunteered at the SEED Garden, and frequented Campus Ministry. We slowly became friends. It wasn't until an Alternative Spring Break trip that our lives changed. One of our last days in Nicaragua, the girl's house was broken into and our money robbed. Cole bravely offered to stay with the girls that night to "protect us". We stayed up all night just talking and laughing together, and our relationship soon became official. Cole finished his final 2 years of courses in 1 year just so we could graduate together. Here we are, 4 years later! He proposed last Summer after our first year of seminary! We'll be married this June with many CLU friends and faculty there to celebrate with us, and we couldn't be happier!

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