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Sweetheart Stories

Kathy Lenhardt '77 & John Lenhardt '76

Featured photo for Kathy Lenhardt 1973--My first semester at the Lu. I was given the opportunity to take voice lessons, which I had always wanted to do. The Wednesday after Thanksgiving, my voice lesson was right before recital class, which was at Holy Trinity that night, so my teacher offered to drive me over. On our way, we saw a couple of boys jumping up and down on the corner, and my teacher said he was going to stop and pick them up. As they piled into the backseat, we were introduced, and my future husband said, "Wanna' see my appendix scar?" I was a bit taken aback, but it turned out that the scar was less than a week old. (Yes, he'd had his appendix removed on Thanksgiving Day, but that's another story.) How could I resist? We got to know each other through the music department, as my major was then undeclared, so I was having a good time exploring music, and he was a voice major. We were married after my sophomore year (his junior). We supported ourselves by working at The Barn (Yes, we're old.)-he was manager, and I worked the counter. This May, we will have been married 44 years.

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