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Keenan Woods '13 & Jackie Whitehead '13

Featured photo for Keenan Woods Jackie and Keenan met when they were still in high school while competing for the Cal Lutheran Presidential Scholarship. They shared one class Freshman year, and Keenan was a Teaching Assistant for Jackie's organic chemistry class. They saw more of each other during their senior year at the 100 Days Party and other senior events, and they finally started dating their last semester at Cal Lutheran. One of their earliest dates was a stargazing picnic on Mt. Clef Ridge. They knew early on that they had something special when they went on a lunch date and stayed through dinner talking and discovering how much they had in common. Both Jackie and Keenan were science majors and had accepted graduate student fellowships at universities in different states. When it was time to graduate from Cal Lutheran, Keenan gave Jackie a ring with two entwined hearts, promising that they would stay close despite the distance. And they did! After five years of long distance dating, Jackie and Keenan were married in Sacramento, CA. Their wedding date was January 12, 2019: six years from their first date at Cal Lutheran. They will forever be thankful to their alma mater for bringing them together.

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