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Sweetheart Stories

Kristen Perry '05 & Jared Perry '05

Featured photo for Kristen Perry Jared had been stopping by my room in Pederson Hall quite often. One day I found tickets to the Halloween Homecoming Dance sitting on my computer keyboard. That sounded like fun, but then he wanted to rent coordinating costumes. All that was left at the costume shop was Bavarian lederhosen. That wasn't quite what I had in mind, but I went with it. The night of the dance, it poured rain on our drive out to Duke's Malibu. The rain and windy roads made me nervous. I wasn't totally sure about any of this. But he was. So instead of feeling anxious and insecure, I felt safe and valued. A couple days later he wanted to hold hands as we walked into the Black Box theater to see a show. It felt like people were staring. I wasn't sure about it. But he was. So, together we went, and have been a team ever since. From officially becoming a couple up at the Cross and our first pictures together in Kingsmen Park to planning our wedding from my room in Kramer Court, CLU is forever intertwined in our relationship and holds a very special place in our hearts.

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