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Penny (Pam) Myhre Dragseth '65 & Hal (Harold) Dragseth '65

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I was one of the first 400 students at CLC in 1961 and Hal Dragseth arrived in 1963, transferring from Chico State. We met while I was the assistant to Anthony Dexter who was directing the play “Our Town” and Hal played the part of the undertaker. We became an item very soon, seen together everywhere. We were engaged in spring of ’64 but kept it secret until after prom. I had a lovely ceremony in Alpha Hall where the bride-to-be blows out a candle being passed. Boys were spying at the windows, so Hal was set upon by his friends in Mount Clef Inn, given a mohawk with the initials P.M. carved in, covered with shaving cream and tied to the post in front of Alpha Hall where I was to rescue him. It was the last hazing at CLC. We married in February ’65 and in ’66 moved to St. Paul, MN where he entered seminary and did communications work for the Lutheran church. I taught school and had several other careers. We have two children, eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren. We just celebrated 55 years of marriage and still love to be together.

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