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Sweetheart Stories

Alissa Macias '05 & Rawley Macias

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Two tragedies brought us together. I was good friends with Ryan Palmer (‘04) because we were Physics majors together. He called me up during Spring Break of 2003 in tears because his father had just passed away unexpectedly. He also mentioned that his good friend from high school, Rawley, was almost killed in a truck accident. It was a tough time and he was back home in Santa Barbara. His dad’s funeral was coming up and he needed nice clothes to wear. I told him to have his roommate pack him a bag and I would bring it to him and we could hang out to take his mind off everything happening. When I drove up to Santa Barbara, Ryan and Rawley were at a tow yard checking out Rawley’s destroyed truck. The tow truck guy could not imagine how Rawley had survived. Rawley was covered in abrasions and bruises but the three of us hung out all evening. I mentioned that I wanted to go to The Atari’s concert the following weekend and that week he officially asked me out to the concert. The rest is history!

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