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Blake Stevens '16 & Madison Fuller '16

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We met in Spanish class! The first day he sat next to me and I thought he was so cute, carrying his longboard with his swishy hair. We talked in the 3rd class and when he introduced himself to me, I was so nervous that no words came out and all I did was smile and walk away (cringe-worthy moment!). I thought I had royally screwed it up but he continued to be kind and funny the next class. I couldn’t believe how wonderful in every way he was. He would bring me dinner when I worked in the library. We wrote notes and drew pictures to each other in the margins of the Spanish book (we still have it today). We were officially a couple a little more than a month later on 10/10/2014. We both graduated in 2016 and went onto careers and more schooling; working together and supporting each other unconditionally. We were engaged in 2019 and were married on our 6 year anniversary on 10/10/2020. It was truly the most magical evening. We are so looking forward to taking a honeymoon eventually when we are allowed to travel

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