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Sarah Willard '02 & Andy Willard '02

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Andy and I met our freshman year of college while living in Peterson. We started dating at the end of our sophomore year, even while spending the summers apart with me in Virginia and him in Washington. His twin brother, Matt, another student at CLU, was part of our love story, too. It was through him that we actually started dating. We ran into each other in the Coffee Shop, and afterward, his brother shared contact information with us. We married in 2003 and have two daughters, Emily and Katie. We have very fond memories of CLU, walks through the park, “dates” in the Caf, Andy driving through campus on the Media Services golf cart, and having our wedding party largely composed of friends we met through our time at CLU. Even though we live across the country now, we are thankful for the education and love that CLU provided us with.

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