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Sweetheart Stories

Elizabeth Roemisch '16 & Kevin Kunee '16

While we technically met in high school, we did not become friends until we met again six years later at CLU. We were both very active in campus ministry and even went on a Valentine’s day missions trip together to Mexico (as friends). Kevin helped me through a difficult breakup and I counted him as my best friend. Four years after becoming close friends at CLU, I realized how incredible of a man he was and how much I wanted him as more than a friend. So, January 2019 I asked him to be my man and he said yes! While most of our relationship has been long distance, with me teaching in South Korea and him getting his teaching certificate from CLU here, I am so blessed to call Kevin mine. I just came back from Korea and he has just started teaching full time. I can’t wait to see what our future holds together!

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