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Amy Zupke '89 & Dana Zupke '91

Featured photo for Amy Zupke

Our paths crossed so many times throughout our years at Cal Lu but never actually met until a few short years later at an alumni gathering in my home state of Arizona. My admissions counselor, Ernie Sandlin, who was also Dana’s football coach, had a huge hand in our meeting. Ernie and I were chatting and Dana walked up to us. Ernie said, “Amy, you’re married, aren’t you?” I responded that I was not. He asked why and I said that I guess I hadn’t met Prince Charming yet. Ernie turned to Dana and said, “Dana, you’re not married either, are you?” We looked at each other and after an awkward moment or two, we started talking and the rest is history. We discovered that we had attended multiple parties together. He noticed me putting up a poster in his dorm and I remember him reffing one of my flag football games. Timing is everything! We have been married for 25 years, have 3 awesome sons, and careers we are proud of thanks to the Lu and Ernie!

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