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Kayla Phillips '17 & Miguel Tenorio 2012, M.Ed '19

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Miguel and I met my senior year of college through one of my roommates, Sarah. She was best friends with him and we went to pick up a couch from him for our dorm. That was the beginning of the 2016 school year. We became friends shortly after that thanks to my roommates. Skip forward to October of 2016 we went on a date that neither one of us thought was a date until halfway through. We stayed up the whole night talking in the Grace lounge. We have gone through my senior year of college, the credential program (for me), and through his master’s program. On New Years Day 2021 we got engaged at the same place where we first met, the living room of the house he was living at, which just happened to be across from CLU! We look forward to planning our wedding and getting married at the CLU Chapel.

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