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Maria Gomez '13 & Ruben Hernandez '13

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Ruben and I met Halloween night junior year in 2011 while I was waiting for the painting room to be unlocked by security. He walked up to me and asked “What are you doing in a dark alley on Halloween night?” And was checking on me to make sure I was safe. I laughed and we spoke while we waited for security together. We worked on homework together that same night. We never spoke before this or knew of each other, but we had some of the same friends and one class together that year. The moment I met him I felt so much love in my heart for him and knew we would be friends. Almost 10 years later and we have been together ever since. Growing together, traveling, starting a company together, and making many memories has been due to meeting at our small campus one Halloween night. Thank you, CLU ❤️

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