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Sweetheart Stories

Maristella Fleming '92 & Jon Fleming '92

I married my husband in 1996 We had all our classes together so naturally over the years we ended up sitting next to each other and became good friends. I knew he liked me, but I was shy and not ready for a boyfriend. When we graduated, he waited on the steps by the flagpole to show me where I needed to stand for promotion. He was always there to lend a helping hand, whether studying for a test or getting through a class. All the time he continued to share that he liked me. On the day of the Northridge earthquake, he drove from San Diego where he was visiting his family, and came straight to my house to check on my family and me. He continued to show his love and commitment to me even though I was just comfortable with him as a friend. One day he said he found a job an hour away from me and that I would not get to see him every day. I knew that I would miss it. Fast forward to today, had he not been devoted and steadfast I would have missed out on the best person ever.

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