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Sweetheart Stories

Nikki Roed '19 & Ryan Kemp '19

Ryan and Nikki met in Dr. Hoffman’s General Chemistry class, during the 2nd semester of their Sophomore year. Nikki had switched sections, and on the first day she ended up sitting in Ryan’s seat in the lecture hall. After a few days of back and forth trying to get the best seat in the lecture hall, they introduced themselves and decided to be study partners. It turned out they sat in the same seat the previous semester, in different sections. They spent hours every night with their books open, laughing and talking long after all their work was finished. Study partners became best friends, and on December 11th, 2017, they officially started dating. When their college careers ended, Ryan made the easy decision to move up to Seattle after graduation. They started living together in August 2019, and on Christmas Day, 2 years after they started dating and 3 years of being best friends, Ryan proposed to Nikki on the beach down their street. They got married on September 19th, 2021, in Seattle with many of their closest friends from Cal Lutheran in attendance. They are now teaching at the same high school together and have adopted their first dog (of many)!

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