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Sweetheart Stories

Christine Johnson '09 & Owen Johnson '09

Featured photo for Christine Johnson

It was the fall of 2005, Christine left Missouri and Owen left Minnesota to embark on their college journey at CLU. They were in the same peer group and met for the first time while swimming in Dr. Marcy’s pool. After watching The Breakfast Club in Uyeno Amphitheater, they found a comfortable curb and talked late into the night. They saw each other frequently and continued to get to know each other. Christine had a Tuesday night biology class and afterward, she would find Owen and they would go for a run-up to the cross. Their friendship quickly turned into a relationship and their love for each other continued to grow. They studied abroad with Semester as Sea together, exploring the world and learning about other cultures. When Christine started working in the Math Lab and as a Math DA, Owen could be found hanging around the math department as well. They grew as individuals and as a couple while at CLU. At the beginning of Spring Break in their senior year, they hiked up to the cross where Owen proposed to Christine. She immediately said yes and the rest is history.

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