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Opening reception: Intertwined

Opening reception: Intertwined

Join this year’s graduating senior artists for the opening reception of Intertwined.

The Exhibit runs from Friday, April 21, through Thursday, May 11.

Artist walk-through: Friday, April 28, 2 p.m.

Intertwined is a unique collection of works dedicated to exploring how objects, ideas and people are connected. This year’s graduating senior artists look into relationships that exist in our everyday lives, whether physical or unseen. The expression of ourselves as both one and part of a whole drives our creativity to immeasurable lengths. Through a variety of mediums, digital to physical, Intertwined investigates the complex dualities life presents to us. How are we moved by life’s connections and disconnections? 

The William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art is located in William Rolland Stadium. For information on the exhibit, visit