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The Church's Blindspot: Latinos and the American Catholic Church

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The Church's Blindspot: Latinos and the American Catholic Church

By many accounts, the American Catholic Church is dying — from the sexual abuse scandal, to lack of priests and a massive loss of members — the future of the Church can seem tenuous at best. Except for one thing – the Latino Catholic population has grown and is the source of numerous, vibrant church communities. In this context, one would think that Church leaders would be eager to cement Latinos’ place in the Church, if for no other reason than survival. Instead, there is a consistent pattern of neglect and disregard that is beginning to drive Latinos away from the Church. Why is this happening? This two-part lecture will cover how the history, organization and culture of American Catholicism complicate the acceptance and integration of Latinos as equal members and leaders within the Church. 

Kiku Huckle, PhD, is an assistant professor of Political Science at Cal Lutheran. Her research addresses how culture, values, and identity intersect and ultimately affect political beliefs and patterns of engagement, with an emphasis on race, racial resentment, and religious affiliation. Huckle’s book project, “Reluctant Evolution: Latino Communities and the American Catholic Church” examines the institutional barriers to the full inclusion of Latinos within the American Catholic Church. Other projects examine the relationship between race, racial resentment and policy issues such as gun control, immigration and vote choice. 

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