Make an Impact in Your Community

Curriculum and Duties


As a fellow, you will take on an in-depth curriculum as part of the fall and spring semester program. These courses are designed to prepare you to enter the organizations appropriately, equip you with the skills needed to deliver the projects accordingly, and finish you fellowship with a proper research assessment.

Fall Semester:

  • 1-unit internship preparatory course

Spring Semester:

  • 2-unit AmeriCorps program course (your assignment)

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AmeriCorps Duties

During your AmeriCorps program course, you are expected to dedicate 20 hours per week to your assigned organization. Duties in these organizations include:

  • Extracurricular program development and execution
  • Tutoring
  • Field trip supervision
  • Recruitment of participants in a targeted population to enroll in programming
  • Conducting advising and mentoring sessions

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