Research Project 2

LatinX high school dropouts in Ventura County: How this issue comes to fruition, and its impacts on healthcare later on in life

By Elizabeth Arias

The ramifications of the issue of Latinx high school dropouts in Ventura County includes poor healthcare outcomes and healthcare disparities later in life. Currently they have the highest dropout rates of any race and there is no singular answer to this problem as there is limited published information regarding it.

The goal of this small research study is to analyze the various factors that contribute to dropping out of high school, to raise awareness, and to point out areas that require further investigation. In this way, innovative steps can be taken in the future in order to protect our young Latinx community from future healthcare disparities. 

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Elizabeth Arias

About Elizabeth

B.A. Business Administration, emphasis in Management

Elizabeth is a junior at Cal Lutheran University. She aspires to attend graduate school for her MBA, find a fulfilling career, and continue to give back to her Latinx community. She currently works at the Writing Center as an undergraduate writing consultant. She takes pride in and enjoys helping her CLU community overcome any writing barriers and become confident in their writing abilities. Elizabeth feels very strongly about the importance of advocating for the Latinx community of Ventura county because she observed inequities in the educational system during high school. She believes students need more access to mental health services, and mentors who are representative of themselves and their experiences. Her fellowship with ASCENSO explores high school dropout rates and conditions that lead to them locally. Elizabeth advocates for those who cannot do so for themselves, and aims to be a beacon of hope and inspiration for her community.

September, 2023
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