John  Fitch III

John Fitch III, MFA, PhD

Associate Professor and Film and Television Program Director

He, Him, His


Professor Fitch has both professional and teaching experience in film production, sound design, public and commercial television, news, sports, commercial and corporate video production, copywriting, music recording and producing.

He's created award-winning independent narrative films, documentaries, fiction podcasts, and experimental videos that have screened at dozens of film festivals and on television and podcasting channels in North America and Europe. His original screenplays have been recognized in competitive festivals and contests. 

He's also published peer-reviewed research on several topics in various scholarly journals.


Savannah College of Art and Design, MFA

University of Kentucky, PhD 




Fitch, J.C., III (2022). Real-Life College Professors on Cinematic Faculty: Educators, Makers, and Users. Kentucky Journal of Communication, 40(2), 68-91.

Fitch, J.C., III (2022). When AI Breaks Audience Trust - Neville's "Roadrunner: A Film about Anthony Bourdain." Journal of Media Ethics. DOI: 10.1080/23736992.2022.2113884.

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Fitch, J., III, Kimmel, K., Fairchild, J., & DiGirolamo, J. (2019). Dismantling an energy psychology technique for communication apprehension: A randomized mixed methods trial. Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment, 11(2), 17–30.

Schmuldt, L., Gentile, T., Bluemlein, J., Fitch, III, J., Sterner, W., Graham, A. (2012). The War Within: One Soldier's Experience; Several Clinician's Perspectives. Journal of Military and Government Counseling. 1(1), 2-18.

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Fitch, J., III, (2005). Archetypes on Screen: Odysseus, St. Paul, Christ and the American Cinematic Hero and Anti-Hero. The Journal of Religion and Film, 9(1).

Fitch, J., III, (2004). Archetypes on the American Screen: Heroes and Anti-Heroes. The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, 7.


Films and Media 

The Lowest Deep (2021), audio narrative series. Producer/Director/Writer/Sound Designer. Streaming on Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Stitcher.

Painted in Stone (2019), documentary feature. Producer/Director/Writer/Editor.

The Essential Eastern (2016), documentary feature. Production Consultant/Writing Consultant.

Off the Beaten Path (2015), documentary. Producer/Director/Writer/Editor.

Two Brothers (2013), documentary. Co-Producer/Co-Director/Co-Writer.

Red River Moon (2013), feature film. Sound Designer. 

Our Secret Season (2010), short film. Producer/Sound Designer.

The Library (2008), short film. Director/Producer/Screenwriter/Editor/Sound Designer.

The Tie (2008), experimental micro-film. Director/Producer/Screenwriter/Editor/Sound Designer.

Dog te Ching (2007), experimental micro-film. Director/Producer/Screenwriter/Editor/Sound Designer.

Just Yesterday (2006), short film. Director/Producer/Screenwriter/Editor/Sound Designer.

Among Brothers (2005), feature film. Associate Producer.

Ma Chere Petite Maxyme (2004), experimental short film. Producer/Sound Designer. 


Screenplays and Audio Fiction

The Lowest Deep

Winner, Best Podcast, Beyond the Curve International Film Festival. Winner, Best Podcast, Swedish International Film Festival. Winner, Best Audio Story, Echonation Audio and Film Festival. Winner, Best Podcast Over 30 Minutes, Echonation Audio and Film Festival. Nominee, Best Thriller Podcast, LA Webfest. Winner, Best Feature Script, Diabolical Horror Film Festival. Finalist, Los Angeles Crime and Horror Film Festival. Semifinalist, New York International Screenplay Awards. Official Selection, Silver State Film Festival. 


Cold Readings

Winner, Best Thriller, Festigious International Film Festival. Top Finalist, Breaking Walls Thriller Screenplay Contest. Finalist, UPike Film and Media Arts Festival. Semifinalist, Emerging Screenwriters Genre Competition, Horror/Thriller. Semifinalist, Atlanta Screenplay Awards. Nominee, Best Action Screenplay, Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival. 



Second Round Selection, International Screenwriter's Association Fast Track Fellowship

Semi-Finalist, Filmmatic Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship

Quarter-Finalist, Emerging Screenwriters Suspense Competition

Quarter-Finalist, Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition

Quarter-Finalist, Creative Screenwriting Feature Competition

Best Screenplay, Crime/Mystery Film and Screenplay Festival


Thomas Merton and the End of the World

Quarter-Finalist, ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition

Quarter-Finalist, Filmmatic TV Pilot Awards


A Thicker Kind of Blood

Best Feature Screenplay, UPike Film and Media Arts Festival.