"Home for the Summer" Membership

The Forrest Fitness Center "Home for the Summer" Memberships are available for individuals interested in access during the summer months, such as current college students who are visiting home, from the start of Summer Session 1 (May 20th, 2024) to the end of Summer Session 3 (August 9th, 2024).

  • Full-Access Home for the Summer Membership : Includes access to all Fitness Center facilities (during open hours) including the Forrest Fitness Center, Soiland Multipurpose Arena, Poulson Tennis Courts, and Samuelson Aquatic Center, during the 3-month period.
  • Basketball Court Access Only Summer Membership : For those who are primarily looking to play basketball, this summer membership option provides access to the Soiland Multipurpose Arena (open gym hours) during the three-month period.

Cost: Full-Access - $100 (3-months); Basketball Court Access Only - $50 (3-months)

Summer Session 2024 will take place from May 20th - August 9th.

To obtain a "Home for the Summer" Membership:

  1. Visit the Forrest Fitness Center online purchase page and select the Summer Student Membership. Samuelson Aquatics Center add-on should be indicated here.                                                                  PURCHASE "HOME FOR THE SUMMER" MEMBERSHIP
  2. After purchase, be sure that you receive a confirmation email. If not, contact ffc@CalLutheran.edu to verify payment confirmation.
  3. Read, complete, and sign the FFC Membership Application & Agreement. This document must be turned in to the Forrest Fitness Center front desk staff or sent in via email to ffc@CalLutheran.edu . Your Membership Application & Agreement must be received before membership can begin. In case of an emergency, individuals must have valid medical insurance that covers Emergency Medical Services (EMS). download ffc membership application & agreement
  4. Once the membership has been purchased and application has been received, the FFC Coordinator will request an ID card from Campus Safety.
  5. Please allow 5-7 business days from the day that the FFC Membership Application & Agreement is submitted to hear back regarding the membership.
  6. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email from the FFC Coordinator notifying you that your CLU ID card is ready to be picked up at the Campus Welcome Center. 
  7. Cal Lutheran ID cards grant access to the Forrest Fitness Center, Soiland Arena, and Samuelson Aquatics Center. All patrons MUST have their CLU ID card to enter the facilities.