Living on Campus

Living in a residence hall is a significant part of the educational experience at Cal Lutheran. You'll have the opportunity to interact with people who come from diverse backgrounds and have different personal philosophies. Learning to value and respect differences in people is a meaningful part of your education.

We believe that it is essential for students to accept responsibility for themselves and their behavior. You can have a positive impact on your living environment when you assert yourself concerning your individual rights and respect the rights of those living around you. Resident students also have tremendous opportunity to get involved and participate in the many activities that take place on campus. Check out upcoming student activities on the Hub Calendar.

Residence Hall Amenities

Explore the residence halls and learn about standard amenities. 

Living Learning Communities

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are specialized living environments that cater to students who share similar interests or majors

Residency Policy

Learn more about our guarantee of housing for all full-time undergraduate students and whether you're eligible to live off campus.

Costs & Meal Plans

Looking for housing and meal plan costs? Check out Housing & Meal Plan Costs.

GradGuard Renters Insurance

Cal Lutheran has partnered with GradGuard, which offers a College Renters Insurance Program that is specifically designed for students. 

Housing Cancellations

View the timeline for cancellation deadlines and corresponding penalties.

Interested in themed housing?

We offer housing options that are student-created communities for small groups of students with common interests.

Looking for graduate housing?

Graduate Admissions can provide more information about costs, leases and the great benefits of living on campus.