Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to prepare administrator, counselor, and teacher leaders who advocate for educational equity and access, grounded in scholarship that advances innovation and addresses community-based needs in P-20 schools.

Our vision is guided by social justice and advocacy, we will reimagine education to disrupt inequities and to meet the future needs of students and communities

Guiding Principles


We utilize equity as a lens for all decision-making regarding policies, procedures, programs and outreach with stakeholders.

Inquiry Into Practice

We cultivate scholar-practitioners who value asking bold questions through community-based inquiry that serves to disrupt the status quo in education, affecting access, equity and inclusion for all learners.

Authentic Context

We are committed to the development and delivery of innovative practices, informed by the needs of our current communities, that lead to student inquiry, curiosity and meaningful learning.


We will expand and sustain meaningful, reciprocal transformative relationships between and within Cal Lutheran, educational institutions, and community agencies that enrich candidates’ learning and professional growth.